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Hermit Islanders Unite
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Hermit Island Campers Unite

Ever been to Hermit Island? Want to share your pictures, talk about your expiriences, and talk about your good times there? Then feel free to post anything related to HI. Hermit Island rules, and you know it.

Just a few rules:
1. Please put images behind an lj-cut (don't know what one is? Click here.)
2. Please be polite, curteous, and respectful to fellow members. There is absolutely no need for drama here... but I'm sure this will be an easy rule to follow.
3. This community is for anything related to Hermit Island. This means that anything like spamming, promoting unrelated websites/communities is not welcome here.

Post, try to stay active, and have fun :)

Your delightful hostess and moderator is oncelosthorizon.

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